embark the journey of Yak xen in a wonderful story.
Live through his Isekai in a Fantastic culture rich world.
And we could use more wow-genic words to describe the game,
But at its core this is a hardcore beat em’ up title filled with
lots of thrill driven Dopamine Rush.
Let’s Smack those Punks…

Prototype Build Teaser


The protagonist in our game is not a well going teenager. He is bored and fed up with his life. He never gets out of his room and is not interested in the outside world. Angered, he goes on a rampage one day and starts breaking his stuff. Suddenly his room starts distorting and he phases through a dimensional rift and gets summoned to another world. His look and personality both changes. From the village elders he comes to know that he is the prophesied hero who will redeem the world of eight supernatural beings who have been causing tyranny for 200 years. Later he comes to know his actual purpose of being summoned from the GOD who summoned him. The GOD knows everything about Hero’s real life and his problems. He himself can’t interfere in worldly matters directly. That’s why he summoned the Protagonist. Once in every 200 years a Grand Siddhi Stones appears out of nowhere and divides into eight pieces. Anyone who gets a hold of any one piece will receive a Siddhi power. And anyone who collects all the stones can use the Godly power of altering reality for once. The GOD asks the Hero to defeat the Tyrants and collect all the stones so that he can go back to his own world and can also take a power of his wish to his world.

This game is the story of the protagonist’s journey.


These are the unique features that will make the game interesting.

Breath-taking Visuals

The game contains 8 unique levels inspired from different mythological and historical cultures. The player will feel as if each level is a different game altogether.

Invigorating Combat

The Player will be able to change the attack combo sequence with 6 slots containing 200 basic attacks and 4 slots containing 64 special attacks. There will be more than 1000 unique animations just for combat of all characters, the protagonist having more than 300.


  • To revive old school beat em’ up style games with rich story and stunning visuals.
  • To make artists and developers realise that making games in this day and age has become very easy and affordable. Tools like Unreal and Blender have a major role to play in this.
  • To showcase the power of small-scale motion capture solutions that making AAA grade animations has become affordable as well.
  • Creating and availing level design assets for the community to be used in personal projects free of cost.
  • Avail all the custom-made Blueprints, plugins, techniques(that we will use in our game) for the community free of cost to make game development more easy.
  • We want to take this community to a stage in evolution where game development could be only limited by ideas and concepts.
  • Release insights to our project development so the community can learn from our journey.